About University

About University

The University of Saba is a private private university established under the license issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (27) and dated 11/8/1994. The university started its scientific activities in the academic year 1995/1996. Currently, the university has the following faculties:

- College of Engineering .

College of Computer and Information Technology.

- Faculty of Administration and Economics .

College of Arts and Education.

- collage of rights .

Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences

- Graduate Studies .

The University of Sheba is distinguished by the fact that its existing programs are prepared by a qualified faculty and selected for outstanding teaching competencies, which are relevant to the new in humanities and applied sciences and capable of using diverse educational strategies consistent with the diversity of abilities of university students to help them to develop mental, In its various aspects. The study in the different faculties of the University is characterized by the limited number of students, which enables the faculty members to perform their duties to the fullest, and helps students to make the most of the science and experience of their professors in the halls of lectures, laboratories and laboratories.

The University's students are diverse in their abilities and experiences as well as the diversity of the original cultural environments in which they grew up, because the university includes students from Yemen and from various Arab and Islamic countries.

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