Vision and Mission of the University

Vision and Mission of the University

The University of Saba seeks to develop and continuously improve knowledge and its modern applications on the academic and educational practices in all stages and fields of education by preparing generations of qualified citizens capable of making radical changes in various fields of life based on scientific research and information technology through high quality programs. Prepared by the University according to the latest scientific theories and the results of scientific research and methods and methods of modern education, compatible with the specificity of the Yemeni society and cultural identity, and linking academic policies with the plans and strategies of the growing country And to work on the integration of the outputs of scientific research and the real needs of the labor market, in the bodies and institutions of the state .. Through the development and improvement of academic policies at the university, and try to enrich the various walks of life and the human being of the community to benefit from the programs offered by colleges, centers and institutes of the University in various fields, And to work to develop scientific research and enable it to access the institutions of society to contribute to the development of their potential and productive capacities to enable them to participate actively in pushing the community to adapt to modern life, and to emphasize their contributions to the intellectual service of the Yemeni society and poetry J and scientific.

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