University President Speech

University President Speech

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Peace and blessings be upon Ashraf the messengers of our master Muhammad and his companions and companions.

At the outset, I am pleased to welcome you students, visitors and employees of the university on the university's website. This university, which was established in 1994 under the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has progressed steadily and achieved a wealth of academic gains that helped us to participate in the development of society and meet the requirements of the local and regional labor market.

Currently, the University has five faculties (Dentistry, Engineering, Computer, Information Technology, Law, Management and Human Sciences), offering eight intermediate diploma programs and nineteen Bachelor's programs, as well as the Deanship of Graduate Studies, which oversees five Master's and Five high diploma programs in accounting, administration, private law, public law and information technology in coordination with the concerned colleges.

The University also has its own library, which is located at the Faculty of Dentistry. The library contains many books and references necessary to enable the student to conduct their research and see everything new. The library has focused on providing e-books and electronic journals, as well as participating in a number of international electronic libraries.

In a related context, we are proud of the relationship that the university achieved with the public sector and the private sector through the signing of several agreements with the Yemeni institutions which helped to develop the skills and abilities of the staff of these institutions. As well as expanding relations with institutions of higher education in the Arab world and abroad through the conclusion of agreements of understanding with them.

On the occasion of updating and developing the university's website, I would like to invite you to browse all the contents of the university's website to learn more about the university and its achievements and infrastructure, including the new university buildings and facilities.

Dr.. Amr El Naggar

PhD in Urology

Sabaa Universtiy
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